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Come for a visit and smell the Lavender

Our cooking classes are located within Auberge de Seattle Inn, in the Woodinville Wine Country, on the Eastside of Seattle. 

Originally a five acre private estate that has now been developed into a commercial establishment.
You won't find our classes to be held in the cold and industrial type of cooking class kitchen...we take our cues from the warm and homey
French "manoirs" in the Loire Valley of France. 
Our classes are unique culinary experiences for those interested
in a non-threatening hands-on cooking environment under the
guidance of one of innovative chefs.   Our focus is on French "CLASSICAL" cuisine, compared to French Haut Cuisine.. 
We welcome our guests to meander on our grounds and
visit our "potager" vegetable garden.    When the weather and
climate permits you will join us as we harvest from the
garden for your cooking class.  We are considered a
culinary destination and welcome visitors from around the world
to our French Country Inn and French Specialty Cooking School.
Auberge Edge of Seattle; French Cooking Classes are managed by the chef who is doing the class, and therefore; the classes are focused on things he or she is most passionate about:  experimentation, tradition,  
quality and flavor, perfection and pleasure.  The menus express the chef's
energy, curiosity, depth of knowledge and sense of wonder at the culinary possibilities one has yet to discover.  All of our Chef's are French Classically Culinary Trained.

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Savor French Flavor
When it comes to food, we've got a wide variety on our plates. 
French Cuisine is as diverse and delicious as our cooking classes,
the result of a vast array of in season ingredients,
cultural influences and imaginative chefs

Bienvenue to our Auberge Edge of Seattle;
French Specialty Cooking School.     

(425) 844-4102 on the Eastside of Seattle,
in the Woodinville Wine Country
Please use our scheduler button to book your own cooking class.  
You do not have to pay to schedule a class with us.
Don't be shy, send us an email!

French Breakfast Brunch Classes are held on Sundays
10:00-1:00= 3 hrs.  $120.00...
send us an email telling us which Sunday you would like to sign up for. Minimum of 6 required.
Exploring French Classical Cuisine is held on Mon., Wed., & Fri.
5:30-9:30= 4 hrs.  $150.00...

Our specialty is traditional classical French cuisine, high lighting the cuisine from the regional provinces.  We are located on the Eastside of Seattle, in Woodinville, in the Woodinville Wine Country.  We are here to provide unique and fun adventures in taste, through our all hands-on cooking classes with menus originating from the various regional provinces of France or areas of the world where the French greatly  influenced the cuisine while they were a protectorate/colony of France. 

Cooking Classes are payable in full at time of registration and non-refundable.  If you can't make the class, you are welcome to give your seat to a friend.  Our Regional Cooking classes are always 6 hours; and other cooking classes vary from 3 to 3 1/2 hrs.
For just a few hours, you have a unique opportunity to enter a world where you can interact, consult and have your questions answered by a world renowned chef. This is an exclusive and limited one on one opportunity in an intimate setting to visit and participate in a hands-on Cooking Class guided by one of our country's most innovative Chefs. Class size is limited to 10-12 guest students.                                                          
We are VERY serious about using fresh in season often as we can directly from our own vegetable garden, sans preservatives, additives, or chemicals and you won't see anything frozen, or canned used in our cooking classes, nor do we use ANY GMO products.
We practice the art of the table; Your table setting comes replete with crystal, sterling silver, fine china, flowers and candles making this a truly exquisite experience for all.
All of the French Cooking classes come with a question and answer period, introduction, menu, recipes and French culture information.
Our dress code is business dressy casual.  We do not recommend shorts, bermudas shorts, sweats or jeans. 
Please call us for your wine questions. We do not have a liquor license, but we welcome you bringing wine to drink and share with everyone else who have brought wine.  If you chose not bring a bottle of wine, that is fine, but we will not be able to serve you wine.
Aprons will be provided.(425) 844-4102
Our "Loyalty Program" is designed to have you come back.  Whether you have stayed with us at our French Country Inn; or taken one of cooking are our client! 
Just ask, and we'll give you a 25% discount on your next, and the next etc. cooking class.  We want you to keep coming back.  We do so appreciate your patronage!  Nous Vous remercions pour votre soutien

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$300.00 for two

French Classical Cuisine
Join us for our HANDS-ON 3 1/2 hours (approximate)
and sit down to a formal dinner class

This purchase can be provided with a GIFT CERTIFICATE and can be sent out.


Imagine food as an experience, no just a meal.  Imagine food as one of the key ways to communicate!

How I see my world
I believe that people want to cook and be connected to the food they eat. Our cookbook French Cuisine a Traditional Experience is my personal
quest to educate everyone who has a desire to become a better cook. 
This is your opportunity to ...touch, smell, taste and experience for yourself
recipes that are almost a lost art form.

French Country Inn; on the eastside of Seattle
French Specialty Cooking School

A little bit of throw-back history...look at what we said in 2009 about our French Country Inn and dealing with the economy!

Regional Cooking Class from the Loire Valley of France ON November 14, 2015 Saturday
Four course dinner menu from Alsace Region of France, look forward to an exceptional menu reminiscent of the bounty of this lush region known for a Franco-Germanic influences.  It is the land of the famous wine road, the place where they still actively speak a French dialect called Alsatian, along with French and German and it is the home of some of the most delicious delectable and enjoyable wines.  The countryside can be described as pastorial with gentle slopes, and importantly to me is that this is the region where my family comes from. So I am particularly fond of the cuisine...our cookbook French Cuisine a Traditional Experience is full of recipes from Alsace.

The combination of flavors and the fresh local ingredients makes this menu a wonderful treat!   When picking your wines to marry with our menu think about Gewurztraminer, Dry Crisp Rieslings, and Light Sylavners.


Join French Chef, Christine Oliveri,
in "la cuisine" and with her guidance learn to prepare a meal of traditional regional dishes of Alsace.

Chef Christine, a French native, was born and raised in Paris, the City of Light. She's been living in America for 15 years and is now a US citizen.  Not only is she an excellent cuisiniere she guides you and applies her perfectionist character trait to her cuisine.

REGIONAL FOUR course dinner cooking class

3:00-9:00= 6 hours

1st. course: Terrine de foie gras Alsacienne served with toast

2nd course: Flammekueche server avec salade de pissenlit et lard et oeufs.
Tarte Flambee served with dandelion salad,
bacon and poached eggs.

Entree: La Choucroute garni
Sauerekraut and potatoes with meats such as
ham, pork, and sausages

Dessert: Pain d'épice moelleux, clémentines caramelisee et mousse de marrons
Soft ginger bread with caramelized tangerines
and chestnut mousse.

This evening will be complete with fine china,
crystal, linen, sterling silver settings making this a
truly exquisite experience for all. Our dress code
is dressy casual.  We do not recommend shorts,
bermudas, sweats or jeans or flip-flops.

16400 216th. Ave. N.E., Woodinville, WA.  98077
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