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Bienvenue to our Auberge Edge of Seattle French Specialty Cooking School. 16400 216 Ave. N.E., Woodinville, WA.  98077
(425) 844-4102 on the Eastside of Seattle, in the Woodinville Wine Country!
Book your own cooking class, please use our scheduler button.  You do not have to pay to schedule a class.

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Our cooking classes are located within Auberge de Seattle Inn, in the Woodinville Wine Country, on the Eastside of Seattle.  We are a private 5 acre estate that is now a commercial will not find our classes to be held in the cold and industrial type of cooking class kitchen...we take our cues from the warm and homey French "manoirs" in the Loire Valley of France.  Our classes are unique intimate culinary experiences for those interested in non threatening hands-on cooking environment under the guidance of one of innovative chefs.   Our focus is on French cuisine.
Auberge Edge of Seattle Cooking Classes are managed by the chef who is doing the class, and therefore, the classes are focused on things he or she is most passionate about:  experimentation and tradition, quality and flavor, perfection and pleasure.  The menus express chef's energy, curiosity, depth of knowledge and sense of wonder at the culinary possibilities one has yet to discover.  All of our Chef's are French Classically Culinary Trained.

Auberge de Seattle; French Country Inn
On the Eastside of Seattle, in the Woodinville Wine Country


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$300.00  for two
French Cuisine
Join us for our HANDS-ON  dinner class
5:30-9:00  3 1/2 hours class (approximate)
And sit down to a formal dinner
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Class Kitchen
On this site you'll find information about our hands-on Cooking Classes, available menus, facilities, Getaway Packages, along with a link to our award-winning "French Country Inn".  We hope you will find all of the information that you need to join us for one of our hands-on French cooking class; an event that you will not soon forget.
Our specialty is French Regional cuisine.  We are located on the Eastside of Seattle, in Woodinville, in the Woodinville Wine Country.  We are here to provide unique and fun adventures in taste, through our:
1. Cooking Classes, Our public hands-on cooking class menus originate from the various regional provinces of France or areas of the world where the French greatly influenced the cuisine.  Our Cooking Classes are payable in full at time of registration and non-refundable.  If you can't make the class, you are welcome to give your seat to a friend.  Our Regional Cooking classes are always 6 hours; cooking class time is 3 1/2 hrs. and 2 1/2 hrs for the meal, either on Saturdays or Sundays, with hands on coaching instruction.  Price is $160.00 which includes a 4 course meal.  What to expect: 
For just a few hours, you have a unique opportunity to enter a world where you can interact, consult and have your questions answered by a world renowned chef.  Our cooking classes are located within L'Auberge de Seattle Inn, in the Woodinville Wine Country.  This is an exclusive and limited one on one opportunity in an intimate setting to visit and participate in a hands-on French Regional Cooking Class guided by one of our country's most innovative Chefs. Class size is limited to 10-12 guest students.
We use  the best of fresh ingredients, sans preservatives, additives, or chemicals and you won't see anything frozen, or canned used in our cooking classes.
Your table setting comes replete with crystal, sterling silver, fine china, flowers and candles making this a truly exquisite experience for all.
All of these French Regional Cooking classes come with a Vin Mousseaux reception, question and answer introduction, menu, recipes, kitchen etiquette, a L'Auberge Edge of Seattle apron to take home with you, corkage fee,  and pictures posted to my Facebook page for you to share with your friends for just $160.00 per person.
Our dress code is business dressy casual.  We do not recommend shorts, bermudas shorts, or jeans.  Please call us for your recommended wine pairing.               (425) 844-4102
2. Reservation required for four or more, $35.00 pp Tea Party Service, offered everyThursday for 4 or more. You make your request for an English Tea Party or European Tea Party.
3. Wine Tasting seminars tastings are conducted every month with a wine educator and each month we explore another grape varietal. Payment is by credit card. Price varies from $45.00 to $60.00 per person and includes a sit down meal of hand crafted French hors d'oeuvres from Auberge de Seattle.
4. Brotherhood of the Chevalier du Cep; We are the home base and the Washington State Chapter for this wine organization. Check out our Wine page and About Us page to find out more about the KOV.
5. Seattle Edible Destination Packages and Getaway Packages, located on both websites with a link to the other website.
6. "Entre Nous" catering services; We provide Full Service and drop-off catering. Our food is excellent, professionally prepared and tailored to the client's requests.
7. Team Building/Private Cooking Classes or Wine Tastings is offered on a space available basis. They can be 3-4 hours.or 5-6 hours. We can accommodate up to 50 people for a seated dinner and weather permitting more; minimum of 8 required. We will provide menus to choose from or work to create a menu with your suggestions. Please inquire. (425) 844-4102


French Breakfast Brunch Classes are held on Sundays (menus can be found on our Series page) 10:00-1:00= 3 hrs.  $115.00...send us an email telling us which Sunday you would like to sign up for. Minimum of 6 required.
Exploring French Classical Cuisine are held on Mon., Wed., & Fri. (menus can be found on our Series page) 5:30-9:30= 4 hrs.  $150.00...send us an email telling us which day you would like to sign up for.  Minimum of 8 required.

  • Chef Instructor/Host:
  • Class Length: 6:00 hours (approximately)
  • Date/Time:   3:00-9:00  Hands-On
  • Space is limited. Reservations required, Call (425) 844-4102
  • Contact Information: Nancy Douglas; Proprietress
  • L'Auberge de Seattle Inn



Merci Beaucoup de votre visite-
a bientot!

Chef Hat/Chapeau
$19.00+tax+shipping, Buy on shopping page

May 10th. Regional Cooking Class
from Ile de France, by Chef Christine Oliverie
First Course/Hors D'oeuvres

Homard a l’americaine (Lobster American sauce) Despite of its name, this recipe was invented by a French Chef, Pierre Fraysse. In 1860, he came back from the States and opened his own restaurant.  His restaurant was very successful. One night, a few customers arrived late and Pierre was embarrassed because he didn’t have much left in the fridges to make dinner. He had a few lobsters that were for the next day menu but he decided to use them to make a quick dish for his guests. He cooked them with wine, tomatoes and arrived in the dining room carrying the lobsters with a triumphant face: Ladies and gentleman, here is my new creation. I called it “le homard à l'américaine”.

2nd. Course
Potage Crecy (carrot soup) is named after a city called Crécy-la-Chapelle in the suburn of Paris. Very close to Paris, to this day carrots with a great reputation are grown there. These carrots are called “carotte de Meaux”. They are sweet and create a delicious soup.

Main Course/Entrée

Canard a l'orange (orange duck) is a classical of the gastronomic French cuisine. Its success resides in balancing sweet and salty ingredients.

Pommes Anna (Anna potatoes) is a classic French dish of sliced, layered potatoes cooked  in a very large amount of melted butter. The dish is generally credited with having been created during the time of Napoleon III by the chef Adolphe Dugléré,when Dugléré was head chef at the Cafe Anglais, the leading Paris restaurant of the 19th century, where he reputedly named the dish for one of his grandes cocottes of the period.
(one of his sweet hearts)

Tourte aux blettes is a sweet tarte made with pate brises, filled with Swiss Chard, Swiss Cheese, Currants and Pine Nuts. baked and served along with the Duck a l'Orange.


Oeufs a la neige (floating island) is a Parisian dessert consisting of meringue floating on a vanilla  custard and napped with caramel. It is a light and delicious. The meringues are prepared from whipped egg whites, sugar and vanilla extract then quickly poached. The crème anglaise is prepared with the egg yolks, vanilla, and hot milk, briefly cooked.

Ile de France Regional Cooking Class for May 10, 2014
3:00-9:00= 6 hrs.

Our dress code is dressy casual.  We do not recommend shorts, bermudas shorts, sweats or jeans.  We also recommend you bring two bottles of wine per person for these six hour long classes.  We suggest you bring two bottles of wine to drink and share with everyone else in attendance.

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Oh-la-la, don't miss the Dungeness Crab Cooking Class.  It's Crab Season, Seattle's Little Darling is back!.

6 hours Regional Cooking Class on March 8, 2014 for $160.00


Join Stumbling Goat Bistro's Executive Chef Josh Theilen for our Regional Cooking Class on March 8th. Saturday.        3:00-9:00= 6 hrs. for $160.00
Five Course Menu:
1st. course: 
Crab Bisque; Fresh chives, crème fraiche 



2nd. Course: Crab and Avocado Chive Crepes and Asparagus, fromage blanc
3rd. Course:  Crab Cake, Sautéed spinach with Rouille
4th. Course:  Crab Salad from the Garden; Frisee, baby arugula, shaved radish, pickled red onion and citronette
5th. Course:  Signature Dessert supplied by Auberge Edge of Seattle Cooking:   Glazed Chocolate Cake A L'Orange


Our dress code is dressy casual.  We do not recommend shorts, bermudas shorts, or jeans.  We also recommend you bring two bottles of wine per person for these six hour long classes.  Suggest wine pairing is anything you like that is white varietal.  For dessert a Vin-Mousseaux de qualite or Champagne is good too.