ࡱ> 02/ @ e bjbj &ezzzzzzz  ^$ Rf zssszzs zzszz `L} .0^ ( zzzz z$"D Edge of Seattle Getaway Rental Policy 1. All information is deemed accurate at the time of publication. 2. All rates and policy are subject to change without notice. 3. A 2-night minimum stay is required to get our dis-counted rate for the Chef Apt., Studio Suite and Angel Bedroom. 4. A payment is required upon confirmation for all bookings, equal to the cost of nights say, plus tax. All payments are non-refundable. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, checks and cash. 5. You agree and understand that your credit card will be charged for damages by you or your guests caused to the furnishing in your suite or on the grounds. beyond normal wear and tear. 6. List of unit inventory is given upon check-in. 7. This is a non-smoking establishment. 8. Pets are not allowed in the buildings. 9. Children under 12 are not permitted in the main building. 10. Quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. No Hydro-massage use during quiet time. 11. Please follow the golden rule; leave things in their place and in same condition as you found them. 12. We are on a septic system. Only flush tissue paper down the toilet. We appreciate this opportunity to be of service to you. We know you have a choice, so thank you for visiting us. We look forward to your stay, I remain at your service. Nancy Douglas; Proprietress (425) 844-4102, or 260-6213 (cell) &'() 2 n e h}fCJaJh rCJaJh 5B* CJaJphh 5B* CJ\aJphh 5CJaJh CJaJjh CJUaJ')k  2 o 0 z # c e dd[$\$$a$e $1h/R / =!"#$%DdH  C $A logo2b{Plq:X~{WDnOPlq:X~{PNG  IHDRd2%WsRGB pHYs+IDAThCZ tTUURTvR, " m+6ڍm{ pzgvvCeA–HBJTR{n(* Ι3>B}߿ kl6Yy3 t"8F8"XCs P(r`qT"r\@(& JbhhDD((APbQ|B'~{=uttV6IFDAI%R) E RjMrTjLFa".0(>Xϟ> QՒ_'uO]7$Ʒi`X'\b miv {pxj霴)5D=w_+}c'^~ paL"&HckS=/8\}u# M_ )y:3InԨ2Zp]_GC! N60(eO٭ӅwwRbpGmѸ=L-aБʚ o}ba^BdI+>uSnIٖNzӝGn-LU@=#+t̂L SŠD"!A7rlcv Rc|g?X"n-9NLHHE)Vfl=N# `Y P dih2 gwi65 ҨUp^/AN"J`9ɝ1S 5f 5=MG\xjIUAP8LP0&yާON2`OTyʒ}@_*c!ChZQN&U*偪~WjJdb*3&0GA 1?TR wO֩'^ HZp$#!)bޑLLK2bi P5f% xJUq6ꮣ.?kˎŏa:c-OO}셝!e>AOPU `l[w8 MXH$ 9 MCi{ B Ekx&=`?nff%EDx1F`2fF)IIAqPLF<_;WCiFOwvbw 1" pŢq,)4{/{qrW"pÞw!UF@ ,z,Ƿ]_>d&$]wFc~`F.VPɛ忹of^3O% !I@S5Ja!`G!X}D[5 <7p5"X,fJm&\,va #[ SZ' L$JdI02):4b}~.uP4@P=ط1Ѫm=-6յA &O#qZƒ'BƘ,s5p̟B0 D ׫%g6i)`8tXu{$ZeR*_#57banPb`Q ~j ^LƎqTĔ0[׉} d&NZx;hi۳<YTھԶ{ c8rE\P@р5mC!s>mP(H} 311%! 8)._#APԐ{9YZ(G /"p6wBҮmwh"1F̚`BK{_>+|賯~hy}\щP݄uSV#Cgq r `iSN_A3" FqGPfX7>؊ y \&ܿGASd~[Kb#N?F8^,J`1ZQaDMܮ`h:-ۼ⏎6xJ`hq>33n5cj-lt+˻xgGR9eGmVᬌtOr:M0wH7xKjw>:|7[,ͯ:cirK8oQL״;T5j}٥涺> +i:϶ ZrfS-=}nNq)9+f*TڬLg?tk˥UP7X&[p?YRw+,KggkpvM+9Z%X' J=H*]Vx9Ѱ2BvI`:nأk% ~){qRT THp1A<ZKg.ċ6n\]TXe,`4N<9DAkb).?g(U!&#=OWh` ǥg";BIw8D[PRLxhefҢ&1.>d  N'Tb L S1Aw0VD9?E y7:%w vGx,"@d@FG cALp\mƝ>GZ-[) C ugTx??|3r.[QYWU!1;6h:#?LqBL2ПCEcFŗMOb$iP]"!i$=M{_Z{NKL(o iX$?ȟ| dU(C/FP.SB\>'\*x^|L"񃇏#@*Hg)я6ZmH?6*FjY`Q(U8ϡTTHe܈zH\^ZmP)R uE; 7^F۷7ܰ^+dz~`^IZ)Z4|Ԋj䟫N[7= Iu0Nˎ]8sƬ8Rt08}nOx ㌃1t+^a4x@,vYm{e^wX:VZyK$ "R3NdMNNܼ dg/ ,4$Յn:$lv{90tnHR@ `\0$h+*MyGlc˃ QkWw@ZÑYHys6o]@*ibzuu5 >-2u=zU;v@;ZWǯ_}BD:AIiYYki>=IhBBj1. QO ڵ`r]}BJP%X_6l/_ҽcdx3<^8!9J!'5:kOkXR뵯r'uR&lL4)nX*}y͚}!9yC7;#`W;t%ʕtpj#.WXp8g$keq#}=] _]r@FlkG>o<#b[ɃU$O @_s_ %Nܻo_BKzM?*Xt UAq~Á`C…qTS)T=M]#{$@L&h脽v n KJ";ح޴~<>m5=uma8Çl!h ptmO~sَ̩_)ȘD+SA8g#?IOCmhg>_?oaM|k&dDϸ1LQ`|6nC*tFqq=|uԅ뮻m۶iYA,bmZ?4ǡws̆vNu7<6Լ2z nWlB$9]xg "T!/-U8/?KHx+LMMM==7-@Ʈۏ| %1Uc(fSIQ_5CZf 6VWW^MVVvx>Lζ78QU&\' To: "Nancy J. Douglas" Subject: RentalPolicy.htmrevised.htm5.doc Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 21:39:14 -0800 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Priority: 3 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1441 Oh+'0 ,8 T ` l x Edge of Seattle Getaway Policynancy douglasNormalNancy Douglas3Microsoft Word 10.0@d@@P@RK՜.+,0 hp   Talk Cheap c Edge of Seattle Getaway Policy Title  !"#$%&()*+,-.1Root Entry FPL3Data  1TableWordDocument&SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8'CompObjj  FMicrosoft Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89q
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